ISTE Interview with Ignite Speaker Tara Linney

June 28, 2017

In this episode, I was able to discuss how Tara Linney and thr rest of her school's coaching team was able to create opprotunitys for students to be more creative during their technology time.


ISTE Ignite Session June 25, 2017

June 26, 2017

In this episode, I go over some takeaways from the ISTE ignite session that took place July 25, 2017.


Talking ISTE and Twitter with Kyle Hamstra

June 24, 2017

In this episode we will be speaking with Kyle Hamstra about his presentations at ISTE and how to integrate Twitter into the classroom. This kicks off a series of podcasts and live streams coming from ISTE. Stay tuned to both Twitter and Periscope for the latest updates from ISTE.

Twitter: @aplusedtech


Kyle's Presentations:

ISTE Ignite

1 in 3: From Dewey Decimals To Your Hashtags

Follow Kyle On Twitter: @KyleHamstra


Multitasking PD

June 23, 2017

In this episode, we will look at ways to get PD that is flexible to your available time and personal needs. We also talk to Sara Thomas who is an organizer for EdCamp Voxer which begins July 7th.


Teaching Internet Safety to Students

June 13, 2017

Teaching Internet Safety to Students

In this episode, we revisit some recent internet safety issue and talk about the new curriculum released by Google that is designed to promote internet safety and digital citizenship.


Security Lessons for Teachers and Students

June 6, 2017

The month of May was full of news about security issues. In this episode, we discuss these news stories and what teachers can take away from them to help themselves and their students become more aware of how to keep themselves safer on the internet.


People Before Paperwork

May 16, 2017

People Before Paperwork


#Lastbell Staying Motivated Until The Last Bell Rings

May 2, 2017

In this episode we talk about staying motivated through the end of the school year with #Lastbell. My guest, Jennifer Hogan is a veteran educator who helped to establish the last bell hashtag on social media where educators can come together to share motivational thoughts and end of the year activities that will help them keep teaching till the last bell rings. 


ASCD Empower 17 Interview- Now That’s a Good Quesiton

April 18, 2017
We sit down with ASCD author Erik Francis to discuss his book, Now That’s a Good Question, at the ASCD Empower 17 Conference. 
Title: ASCD Empower 17 Interview- Now That’s a Good Quesiton

ASCD Empower17 Interview: Rethinking Homework

April 5, 2017

Rethinking Homework. In this episode, I sit down with Ross Kasun @FTSupt_Kasun, Edward Aldarelli @WFSPrincipal, and Jeff Huguenin @CatenaPrincipal to discuss how teachers can rethink the way they assign homework to their students.